Wake up to see the majestic old growth pine trees as you hear birds singing amongst the branches.

The Sanctuary Resort has been built by the Horley family and throughout all our years of serving guests we have seen many families grow as they return each year to enjoy their island vacation.

For many people it soon becomes a home away from home.  Most children enjoy the fishing, playing at the beach, and everything else about the outdoor environment so much they don't want to leave and neither do their parents.

Because we are located on a large pine covered island surrounded by the CLEAREST WATER in Lake of the Woods and nestled amongst many other picturesque islands, you are sure to have a very enjoyable experience.

The many islands and variety of water depths provide the ideal situation for WILDERNESS ADVENTURE and AMAZING STRUCTURE FOR FISHING.

5 miles from the Sanctuary Resort is our private landing on main shore where our guests park their vehicles at NO CHARGE.